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Integrative psychotherapy is the integration of elements from different schools of psychotherapy in the treatment of a client- integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive and physiological systems within one person as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects


Psychodynamic therapy aims to address the foundation and formation of psychological processes, the therapist helps people gain insight into their lives and present day problems and help evaluate patterns people develop over time, exploring emotions, thoughts, early-life experiences and beliefs.

Oncology Counselling

I work with clients and carers through their cancer journey, from the suspicious stage through post treatment, using a client-centred approach.

Psycho-oncology focuses on what happens outside of treatment and whether lifestyle adjustments are required.

The focus might also include how the client feels about their diagnosis, the impact on family, friends, work, relationships, their emotional experience, their doctor/oncologist interaction, the client’s need to come to term with the situation, the treatment they are receiving and so on.

The treatment of cancer is a multifaceted journey, characterised by several stages, as a counsellor my role involves providing psychosocial and emotional support to my client to reduce distress and enhance coping and adaptation to illness and along their treatment journey.

Hello! I’m Adetoun Adams

Licensed Therapist

My name is Adetoun Adams and l am an experienced Integrative therapist and Oncology Counsellor, my training and experience enable me to provide goal-oriented sessions for my clients. I am passionate about working with individuals from all walks of life, and exploring delicate topics that may be rooted in the past and/ or the present….

My Specialties


Childhood Trauma

Couples Counselling



Cultural Issues




Cancer Treatment Journey


Work Related Issues

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